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Migaa Golf Estate May 2021 Newsletter
May 2021 Newsletter 864 576 Migaa

May 2021 Newsletter

As we near the end of the first half of 2021, we are grateful for your continued support and business you give us. Migaa fraternity hopes you are keeping safe. We are devoted to bringing you continued updates on the developments at Migaa. Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries, concerns or feedback. We appreciate them.

Migaa Infrastructure Update

Migaa Roadworks -May 2021


The roads within the estate are beautifully taking shape – the spine road is 100% complete making the road motorable. We have delivered perfect earthwork to ensure the thickness of the roads and pavements. The earth work included removal of poor material and replacing with selected fill of compact sub-grade to achieve a high density. Currently, we are working on gabion mattresses at the dam section and it’s 95% complete.

Migaa Golf Course Construction - May 2021

Golf Course Construction

The golf course is one of the key infrastructure elements and it is therefore our mandate to keep it healthy and attractive. Grass planting in holes 5, 6 and 7 is complete while irrigation lines and drainage pipes are being fixed at hole 7. Weeding in hole 7 is also ongoing. Pathways within the golf course for easy access of the 18 holes are also part of the construction programme.

Migaa Centre Piece Reticulation - May 2021

Centre Piece Power Reticulation

Currently trenching of the cables to protect them from damage is 95% complete. The underground armored cables as well as the transformer have been delivered to the site and this whole process is expected to be complete by end of June, 2021. We anticipate power delivery to this particular site within the next one month.

Migaa Home Owners Construction Sites - May 2021

Migaa Home Owners Construction Sites

As of May 31st 2021, Migaa Community has 35 active construction sites; a clear indication of the growth we are experiencing within the estate.

We would like to encourage the Home Owners to get in touch with the projects office to assist them with the building construction process.

A Brief History of Migaa

A Brief History of Migaa

Sitting on the lush vegetation of Kiambu County, Migaa Golf Estate boasts of a rich history spanning over a century. Migaa has dated structures and other historical features that a firm of genealogists were commissioned to unravel its rich heritage. The initial owners valued green space so much so that, it has remained one of the remarkable attractions at Migaa. We are devoted to leaving it as natural as possible, therefore 50% of the land is dedicated to green space, with frequent, organized tree planting activities

From the Customer Service Desk

Migaa Customer Service Desk
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Migaa Newsletter - March 2021 Edition
March 2021 Newsletter 864 576 Migaa

March 2021 Newsletter

Benefits of a strong immunity is promoted by health and fitness especially during this season when the world is marred by a pandemic. Therefore, Migaa Golf Estate has allocated 50% of the premium land to green and open spaces that contribute to the general well-being of residents and visitors. As always, we value feedback, concerns, and suggestions from home-owners.

Migaa Infrastructure Update

Migaa Roadworks - March 2021


In March, we continued to embark on back-filling of the excavated sections, the dam spillway and making good of all the disturbed areas; the spillway slab, wing walls, and spillway toe, all of which are complete. The drainage works near the clubhouse entrance is now 90% complete

Migaa Golf Course Construction - March 2021

Golf Course Construction

The team at Migaa has cultivated a road map to deliver the 18-hole golf course into a state-of-the-art facility that meets the needs of golfers at any level. Our first nine contrustion is ongoing with the irrigation of the mainline now complete as well as the drainage line on hole 7. Irrigation of the greens and tees in holes 8 and 9 are ongoing.

Shaping of the green surrounding and landing areas in holes 4,5, and 6 is ongoing, alongside spreading of growing medium, and final float to the tees. At hole 3, the weeding and top dressing of the greens with the growing medium are ongoing. Irrigation of all the holes mentioned above is ongoing. We are happy to report that earthworks on all the first nine holes are complete and we still project the expected completion date to be April 15, 2021.

Migaa Home Owners Construction Sites - March 2021

Home Owners Construction Sites

In March, Migaa achieved yet another milestone, adding 9 more construction sites to the 27 in February, making it 36 active construction sites! 33 approval plans are in the process of attaining approval from the county government.

Migaa residential community is robust and is slowly growing into one of the most premier neighborhoods on the outskirts of the capital.

Managing the Effects of COVID-19

Managing the Effects of COVID-19 - The Third Wave

The Third Wave!

COVID-19 may have put limitations to movement and in-person interactions but this is a battle that can be won. Migaa encourages home-owners and visitors to adhere to the set protocols; wearing masks, sanitizing or washing hands, and keeping a 1.5metre radius between each other.

Be wary of the common symptoms of COVID-19 like; fever, dry cough, and tiredness, as well as mild symptoms like loss of taste or smell, sore throat, red eyes, nasal congestion and new symptoms that are diarrhea, body aches and headache. Stay physically active at all times to boost your immunity levels, eat a healthy diet and seek medical attention immediately you feel unwell. Protect yourself and your loved ones at all times!

From the Customer Service Desk

Migaa Customer Service Desk
  • The official office hours have slightly changed to 8am to 4pm.
  • We would like to remind our home owners to collect 2021 Car Stickers from the administrator at our site office.
  • For information on advertising on the “Home Owners market place” section please call Natasha on 0721 717153

Migaa Newsletter Feb Edition
February 2021 Newsletter 864 576 Migaa

February 2021 Newsletter

Migaa is continually committed to providing a safe, stable, and sustainable residential neighborhood with a myriad of amenities to enjoy. As a family-oriented development community, the main agenda is to provide a racial, ethnic and socio-economic balance. We appreciate feedback, concerns, and suggestions from home-owners

Migaa Infrastructure Update

Migaa Roadworks Update Feb 2021


The spine road, which is critical to movements around the estate is now complete. Road protection works have been completed too. We are currently opening secondary roads depending on population density.

Migaa Golf Course Construction Feb 2021 Updates

Golf Course Construction

Grassing and irrigation of the golf course are ongoing and taking shape. Grassing is ongoing in holes 8 and 9, while irrigation is ongoing in holes 3, 5, and 6, as well as shaping of the tee boxes. The activities on holes 5 and 6 are 65% done.  Sand placing and smooth leveling of hole 7 ready for grassing are at 80%. The shaping of hole 4 is 40% complete. Irrigation and weeding on the tee boxes of holes 1 and 2 are ongoing.

Migaa Home Owners Construction Sites

Migaa Golf Estate envisions an ideal location for people looking to be home-owners in a serene and family-oriented community with basic amenities and enough room for development. There are 27 on-going with active construction sites. Several home-owners have also moved in already, contributing to its growth! For directions on how to start the building process and/or fencing your premium unit, the project office is at your service.

Migaa Events

Migaa Events 2021

Live. Work. Play!

Migaa Golf Estate partnered with Bucketlist Adventures and Vineyard to bring the first-ever event “Migaa Fit & Fun, Fest! It happened on 13th February 2021, The event was aimed at creating safe and beautiful places for people to enjoy fitness. The event kicked off shortly after 6:30 am, witnessing a good number of participants who came ready to run and cycle, and a boot camp session and strength exercises. The icing on the cake was the networking over a Barbeque and refreshments. This was the first of many amazing events in the future.

Migaa Fun and Fit Fest 2021 - Biking

Migaa has a myriad of events lined up for the year.

Migaa Golf & Chill
Mugithi Version
11th April 2021
Migaa Fun and Fitness
Mother’s Day Brunch
9th May 2021

Migaa Home Owners Market Place

We would like to introduce our new segment; Homeowners Market Place, where you as the Homeowner can advertise your products to fellow homeowners in line with our goal “Know Your Neighbor”.

Step Inside the Stiltz Home Lifts

A discreet and practical alternative to using the stairs!

Stiltz Home Lifts is an innovative business founded on technology to improve user experience and improve the lives of those who use their products. The business started in the United Kingdom – where it is still headquartered. Stiltz has grown quickly and offices are now located on all continents.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; a language that Stiltz understands perfectly. Stiltz offers homeowners a luxurious and stylish domestic lift to add aesthetic value to their property. It is the ultimate upgrade from the traditional staircase without too many changes to your property. It is sleek and requires only a small portion of the ceiling to fit. The Stiltz lift takes a day to fix and is silent when in motion – members of the household will not be bothered by any sounds. 

The beauty of a Stiltz home lift is that you can install it almost anywhere in your home as it does not need load-bearing walls. It is a freestanding home elevator and can even act as a centerpiece in your home when placed right at the center of a room. Enjoy your beautiful home without having to downsize when taking the stairs becomes unbearable!

For more information, get in touch via +254 733 327676.

Stiltz Home Lifts 2

From the Customer Service Desk

Migaa Customer Service Desk
  • We would like to remind our home owners to collect 2021 Car Stickers from the administrator at our site office.
  • For information on advertising on the “Home Owners market place” section please call Natasha on 0721 717153