Cancer Gala Awards

Migaa partnered with Eddah’s Hope to sponsor their annual Gala at the Kempiski Hotel in a bid to raise fund for their Cancer Mtaani project.

Ting'anga Model Primary School Project

Ting’anga Model Primary is a school located in Kiambu Town. It is one of the best performing schools in KCPE in Kiambu County. In a bid to improve the school learning experience and children lifestyle, Migaa performed a need analysis and came up with a work plan to address the needs identified. We started with the rehabilitation of the sports field and broke ground through a friendly football match between Migaa staff and students of Tinganga Model Primary School. We also engaged in a tree planting session and refreshments thereafter.

We continue to support the school by gearing up for phase 2 which will include the repairing of the classroom windows, washrooms and sanitary areas within the course of the year

Tree Planting

Trees are fundamental to the ambience of any residential estate, in essence, define its very nature. We see trees as the basis. Indigenous landscaping of wealth, character and integrity of Migaa. By planting a selection of indigenous species, we expect to attract and feed birds throughout the year. And through this, we anticipate that the property will take on new and interesting dimensions.

Migaa’s goal is to plant 1,200 trees within the course of the year.

Children's Home and Migaa Staff End year & Christmas Party

We believe in giving back to our community. During our staff party, we invited children from the Morning Star Ministry Children’s Home in Kiambu to join in a fun day to celebrate and mark the end of the year. We also donated foodstuff and clothes.

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