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Migaa School
Invest in an Educational Facility at Migaa Golf Estate


Migaa shall  have a population of 4,000 homes on full occupation with most of the children likely to go to school  in the community.
The development has provided for  nurseries, primary (6.1 acres) and secondary  (9.9 acres) schools to provide educational facilities across the systems (Montessori, KCSE, IGCE).
The schools are located at the entrance to Migaa, designed to  provide tranquillity and serenity for a learning environment.

Project Details

  • Status : Active
  • Transaction Type : For Sale
  • Price : Ksh35,000,000
  • Type : Land
  • Location : Migaa Golf Estate
  • Lot Area: 1 acre
  • MLS# : 195360
  • Floor Area : 1 acre
Develop a Kindergarten in Nairobi - Migaa Golf Estate

Eco-Friendly Kindergarten

Developers are encouraged to provide a solution for a safe and comfortable learning environment  intended for the young.

In addition to children growing up in an environment that minimizes energy waste and pollution, as  much as possible, the eco kindergarten concept also represents a practical example, for children, of  how to identify and select environmentally sound solutions. This means, for example, building for the  lowest noise, waste, and air emission levels; as well as engaging in as few activities as possible that affect the original state of the environment.

With the possibility of adjusting the shape and colours, it can easily blend in with natural surroundings  and the architecture of the landscape.

Primary & Secondary School

The site for the lower and upper school development is located on a stand-alone property at the entrance of the project with appropriate playgrounds, grass fields for exercise and plenty of room for growth and expansion. The site will have manned access gates to ensure security of all children at all times and  will be fenced off from the rest of the community. The site can be licensed for over 400 children and can be built with eco-friendly principles and  provide bright, open and spacious rooms.

Such schools should provide a sustainable and eco-friendly learning environment but  also very modernistic and stunning in the architectural structure in order to create great appeal  to learners. An inventive and  modern design is encouraged with learning spaces interrelated. The school should be designed incorporating various energy saving features such as optimum use of daylight, sun shades, natural cooling, renewable sources of energy  and green roofs.

Migaa School - Buy Land to Develop a School in Kenya