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Golf Training
Migaa Sunday Golfing - Migaa Golf Estate 3

In contrast to other sports, in golf the ball doesn’t move prior to hitting it. This means you can and should carefully position yourself while you set up for a shot. We cover the many aspects of the golf setup in this section, from:

alignment, stance, distance to the ball, ball position, position of the hands, posture as well as the golf grip.

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Once you have positioned yourself properly in front of the ball during the setup the next part involves actually hitting the ball. While the golf swing is certainly complex in itself, it can be broken down into swing sequences that you should strive to master. They are:
takeaway, backswing, top of the swing, downswing, impact, extension & rotation, and the follow through.

Migaa Sunday Golfing - Migaa Golf Estate

In your quest to master every sequence of the golf swing you will find that some areas give you more trouble than others. Golf drills give you practicing tips that will help you solve and master any specific part of the swing.

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