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  • September 5, 2015

Tea for the breakfast launch

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Tea for the breakfast launch

Tea for the breakfast launch Migaa

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An exciting new golf tournament was unveiled at an invite only star studded breakfast meeting yesterday.

Tee At 1000 Golf was unveiled at the Lavington offices of TVC, with a practical tutorial on the sport.

“We will get to see celebrities swing infront of a camera. I’m not sure if it will be funny or not, but never the less there might be a hole in one,” Moses Mutothori, CEO Tee At 1000 Golf joked at the launch.

The golf tournament set for October at Migaa in Kiambu, will provide networking opportunities with the hope to have more people take up golfing as a prefered sport.

The organisers aim at attracting at least 1000 people for the October event. A pre-event tournament is scheduled for September 17 at the Railways Golf Club in Nairobi.

“We want to redefine golfing and introduce it to the celebrities,” said TVC boss, Maurice Okoth.

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