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Meet the Mutuuras
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Meet the Mutuuras

Sam Mutuura, married and a father of one, bought into Migaa in late 2019. He chose Migaa because at a personal level, he is visionary and he felt Migaa fits his vision of living in a gated community, that is serene with a lot of green spaces, which is a reflection of him as a person and an expression of what he is all about.

He defines his experience with the construction process using three words; fulfilling, exciting and addictive, mainly because he was fully part of the process from the ground to completion.

Sam says the major challenge he experienced is getting building requirements, mainly water, into his plot since his property location is not closer to the denser part of the population.

The Mutuuras Home

However, Migaa is currently working on water reticulation that will see this problem solved. The other challenge was a tedious approval process and this too, shall be streamlined. His experience at Migaa is commendable. He admits the staff are very professional, especially the security team. He noted that safety protocols are efficient. His main concern however, is on the home designs. He agrees that adhering to Migaa’s standards is key but Migaa team should be versatile and give room to more mordern designs to fit everyone’s taste and preference. 

“Migaa is a well thought out dream plan; a great place to settle when complete and I encourage home owners to start the construction process even with infrastructure project within the estate still ongoing.” Sam concluded.